Our Services

Dr. Corbet and his team of highly trained and experienced dental professionals are here to serve your family’s dental health needs


Your family’s dental health and their beautiful smiles are our highest priority and thanks to the tremendous advancements in dental materials coupled with Dr. Corbet’s knowledge and experience, you can have the same perfect smile as models and movies stars!

Whether you desire a healthy smile, subtle enhancement or a dramatic makeover, we offer a wide array of semi-annual check-ups to complete restorative procedures. Dr. Corbet can help you design your perfect smile based on your goals. We serve clients from Bedford, TX and surrounding communities.

The color, alignment, spacing as well as regularity of the teeth are the characteristics that give the overall appearance. Any of these can be repaired to give a stunning look to the mouth.

We offer a wide variety of cosmetic options. Some of these options are Veneers; Bonding; Dental Implants; All Porcelain Crowns and Bridges; Tooth Colored Fillings; as well as At Home Bleaching.